Sales Contract

Illinois Sales Contract

The Sales Contract is probably the single most important document involved in a residential real estate transaction, for both the buyer and the seller. The sales contract is a detailed, legally binding real estate purchase and sales agreement that contains specific language, time-sensitive dates and contingencies that need to be accurately addressed. Without competent legal review of the Sales Contract, you could lose a significant investment of money if you do not understand all the components of the contract and how you are obligated to perform.

You Arranged a Home Inspection ... Did You Get a "Legal Inspection"?

In your deal there is likely a home inspector to look for defects and problems at the property, a lender to create the loan and a title company to generate title.

But who is reviewing and explaining the purchase and sale documents with your best interests in mind? As a lawyer with concentrated legal experience in residential real estate transactions, I can give you a "legal inspection"; of your transaction.

Important Paragraphs in a Sales Contract

When we work together on your residential real estate deal, I will make sure the sales agreement protects your interests as fully as possible. And we will work together to make sure you understand each clause.

Contact My Office for Help with Your Real Estate Sales Contract.

My real estate law services are competitively priced, and I emphasize convenience and cost-effectiveness for all my clients. We can meet in person or by telephone and it may be possible to complete your deal using only the Internet and telephone if you prefer. My schedule is flexible and I have appointments available on weekends and in the evenings. Before you sign an Agreement of Sale for purchase of residential real estate, contact me to discuss your goals and how we can write the sales contract to meet those goals and protect you from undue risk as you complete the transaction. Call 630.717.4242 or e-mail me using the e-mail form on the Contact Me page.