How I Can Help Buyers

Whether you have a broker or salesperson (Realtor) involved, once you have found a home to purchase, as a buyer, it is essential that you have an experienced real estate attorney to assist and guide you through the process of a real estate transaction.

When buying a property you are embarking on a detail oriented transaction. It is likely the largest financial occurrence of your life. The legal documents you will see can be intimidating and truly demand sound legal guidance.

Generally, when I represent the buyer,I begin by reviewing the most important part of the transaction, the sales contract. This document contains, in detail, the terms and conditions of the deal. The contract is a detailed document concerning your transaction with specific language, time-sensitive dates and contingencies that need to be accurately addressed.

I routinely review the various terms of a contract to determine that the contract does not take advantage of the buyer. My typical focus is on the purchase price and personal property included in the sale, the mortgage contingency, the attorney review and professional inspections contigencies, other contingnecies such as home to sell and/or home to close, and the clause that governs penalties for default. In addition, I will make sure that the various prorations (taxes, rents, association dues, etc.) are fair to the buyer, and that the seller has provided the required disclosures (as to the condition of the property, radon hazards, and in some cases as to the status of lead paint in the home) and warranties. Attorney Review Typically, a contract will contain an attorney review provision. This allows your attorney a short period of time to approve, disapprove or make modifications to the contract. If modifications are necessary to protect the interest of our client, I will request those modifications in writing. Professional Inspections Normally, a contract will contain an inspection provision providing the buyer with the right to obtain a professional inspector to check the property for defects. Inspection clause provisions vary from contract to contract. Some allow the buyer to request repairs be made to the property, some require that repairs exceeds a certain dollar amount and others merely allow the buyer to cancel the deal because the condition of the property is found to be unsatisfactory. I will assist the buyer in negotiating with the seller's attorney regarding repairs.

I work with brokers and salespersons. My goal is to take you through the process of a real estate transaction as a buyer and be your legal advocate, giving you sound representation and piece of mind. You will find my fees reasonable, and perhaps the best money you spend, as you make what is likely the largest financial commitment of your life; buying real estate.

If you are buying real estate, call me.