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Illinois Real Estate Document Preparation Lawyer

If you are buying or selling a home, your real estate agent has probably given you a draft of the Agreement of Sale and other required paperwork. Or, if you are Internet savvy, you may plan to use model documents that you have found on the Internet. Do not trust your deal to a generic form from the Internet or a stationery store. Although these "boilerplate" documents may work in a very simple transaction, they usually lack important legal language contingencies, which, if not properly addressed, may lead to litigation. Do not sign any document related to a residential real estate transaction before a qualified attorney reviews the paperwork first. If you sign without a legal review, you risk losing money or causing major delays in the deal.

I am an experienced attorney with an office in Naperville, Illinois. My legal practice concentrates on guiding home sellers and home buyers through every legal aspect of the complicated and serious business of buying or selling a house. My rates are extremely competitive and I offer each client a free initial telephone consultation. To speak with me about real estate document preparation or other residential real estate matters, call 630.717.4242 or send an e-mail.

Real Estate Document Preparation: Writing or Reviewing the Agreement of Sale

The Agreement of Sale is the single most important document in a residential real estate deal. While many contracts allow for a three day attorney review period after signing an Agreement of Sale, Illinois does not give either party an automatic right to attorney review time after the purchase agreement is signed, so it is crucial to review the Agreement of Sale with a real estate lawyer before anyone signs it. As your real estate attorney, it is my job to write or review the Agreement of Sale to make sure that every clause is in your favor and to make sure that you understand exactly what you are agreeing to before you sign this legally binding document.

I can also assist with preparation and review of the following real estate documents:

  • Sellers Property Disclosure Statement
  • Uniform Settlement Statement
  • (HUD-1) Title documents
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Home inspection agreements
  • Any other documents that must be signed at the settlement or closing meeting

I Work for You with Care, Sophisticated Skills and Efficiency

The full range of my real estate document preparation services depends on the manner in which you hire me; we can find an arrangement that fits both your needs and your budget. I am available to review agreements of sale and other documents or - if the situation warrants it - I can write the entire bundle of necessary documents to make sure the sale or purchase contains all the elements that you need.