Industry Professionals

Transactions Completed and Commissions Earned

Brokers and salespersons are the front line real estate professionals who perform a necessary and valuable service. I have a unique approach in my business relationship that allows my services to coexist with the professional.

My Approach: My Services Are in Place to Aid in the Successful Completion of Deals, Not to Terminate Their Existence

I, like all real estate professionals, am in the business of seeing a transaction reach settlement. While I maintain my ethical responsibility of practicing what is in the best interest of the client, my practice changes the common view that lawyers impair deals.

Brokers and salespersons have historically viewed lawyers as impediments to completing a transaction. That can be true if the lawyer involved does not regularly practice in real estate and lacks the knowledge of real estate laws and procedures.

Help Not Hinder

My legal services strive to facilitate your deal, not to obstruct it. I make every effort to save negotiations that may be faltering, enabling you to earn your commission. There is great disappointment when a sale appears to be going bad. We have all witnessed a party change his or her mind after signing the Agreement of Sale or a seller wanting to remove a property from the market after parties have signed. We have all seen contingencies and dates ignored, which lead to failure of the agreement.

Brokers and salespersons are trained in solving many issues but there are instances when it is imperative, as well as a sensible business practice, to have an attorney versed in real estate law, review a deal that may be headed for breakdown. The real estate market is too competitive to allow a deal to fail that is solvable. It is my experience that many failures may have been successful with the proper legal guidance.

The Legal Inspection: I Am The "Legal Walk Through" When Real Estate Professionals Or Their Clients Are Uncertain That The "Legal Structure" Of The Transaction Is Sound.

I am commonly asked to review (or draft) Buyer Agency Agreements, Listing Agreements, Agreements of Sale, Seller's Property Disclosure Statement as well as inspection reports and addendums.

I Can Represent You, The Real Estate Professional

I am available to review or offer guidance in all aspects of the transaction to you as the professional. My services depend on how you retain me. You can retain me as your counsel at a very reasonable fee to review your deal. I can act as your "in house counsel". My goal is to be your "legal eyes" when needed.

I Can Represent Your Client Directly

In the alternative, you can recommend me directly to your client and I will create an attorney-client relationship with them resolving their concerns in conjunction with working with you. In this relationship my fees are charged directly to the client.

Create Specialized Documents

Many real estate professionals I work with find me to be helpful in creating or reviewing documents and addendums tailored to a particular situation. Creating a unique document tailored to address concerns of both the buyer and seller can often satisfy feuding parties.

Affordability, Success, Referrals

My fees are affordable and are established with professional courtesy and referrals in mind. My goal is the same as yours, competent professional service leading to a completed transaction and satisfied clients. Referrals to professionals are an important component of my practice as we all desire to expand our contacts.

If you believe you are having problems with your sale or have a legal question please contact me, I am pleased to address any concerns. Your initial telephone consultation about any transaction is courteously charge free.