Why Retain Me?

My goal is to take you through the process of a real estate transaction as your legal advocate, giving you sound representation and piece of mind. Below are more extensive ways I can help you but for very specific information please navigate through my site by using the navigation buttons to learn more about how I can help your specific needs.

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

A General Practice Lawyer May Not Be Enough

Lawyers who practice outside of real estate law likely have limited contact with real estate transactions. Their narrow knowledge may be enough to handle a simplistic situation, but as selling prices have increased and transactions have become more complex, retaining a lawyer who practices real estate law makes sound business sense. The laws, procedures, regulations and required documents of real estate are continuously updated and changed. It is extremely important to retain an attorney who works within the area of real estate law, who understands those changes and is able to incorporate the updated procedures in your deal.

Real estate transactions can be intimidating and complex. Having competent legal counsel (an attorney who practices real estate law) can greatly reduce the stress and anxiety. My representation aims to remove the intimidation and complexities of real estate.

Residential Transaction Focus: Buyers, Sellers, For Sale by Owner

One of the more popular areas of my practice is in the representation of buyers and sellers in the sale or purchase of residential real estate. Real estate can be intimidating and complex but if done with proper professional guidance, can be gratifying. Selling or purchasing real estate is likely the largest financial obligation of a person's life. Having competent legal counsel can greatly reduce the stress and anxiety. My representation strives to remove the intimidation and legal complexities of the real estate transfer.

I am not a broker or a real estate salesperson, so I am not in the business of listing properties for sellers, nor do I seek properties for buyers. Those undertakings are left to the quality professionals of the real estate sales world and I am pleased to recommend qualified brokers and salespersons for those functions. I represent clients who retain brokers or salespersons and I also represent consumers who are entering the real estate world without professional sales guidance.

General Real Estate Practice

My services were created for me to be your legal advocate in any residential or commercial real estate matter. My goal is sound representation and piece of mind for my clients. After reviewing your situation my representation can be as narrow or as broad as you decide and my fees are set accordingly. You will find that my fees are reasonable and I will work with you to make my services affordable to your budget.

If You Are a Real Estate Professional

If you are a real estate professional please see the Industry Professionals page, or contact me to learn how I can effectively help make your difficult transactions reach the settlement table. The Most Important Advice Real estate can be a rewarding experience, if you have the right professionals guiding you through the process. There are many complex documents to read with substantial amounts of money changing hands; your best investment in the process is to retain a real estate attorney to guide you and protect your interests. If you take away one piece of advice from my site it is this: CALL ME BEFORE YOU SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS! Your first telephone consultation is free.